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About Me

 A media professional for living and a writer for life. It’s not only writing that unwinds me; Nature has a huge role to play in keeping me sane. I love to travel, read and find driving liberating.

Live in the moment, it’s all that we have now.

It took me years to understand this. All my life I have only juggled between my past and future, completely neglecting my now. I had my share of ups and downs, heart breaks, major health issues but I sailed through. And through all this my constant companion was my Diary. I have been writing since I was a child. Whatever came to my mind or what I felt, I wrote. I read too and penned down all that resonated. Most of it didn’t make sense then. But with time every experience or thought good or bad that I wrote gave me an insight.  All the whys and the why nots eventually fell into place.  And this encouraged me to write more.

Wondering why put my personal experiences on the public platform?  

So that I can come out strong with my vulnerabilities, my insecurities, my anger or whatever that held me back. To share all that has been a part of my life journey.  I feel when you open your true self to the world you actually open doors for people with similar experiences and learning’s to come forth. And you start believing in yourself more through each others experiences.

As it’s beautifully said by Elif Shafak “Believers are each other’s mirror”

Well! Now that you know a bit about me…I cannot wrap without mentioning about this weird trait that I have.  I can’t call people whom I love or like by their actual names, I just can’t. I have to nickname them. So Shavii(My blogs title) is my brother’s nickname. I loved this name so much that now my parents have 2 Shaviis at home. All my social media accounts are by this name. So hopefully it won’t be hard to find me

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and do share your experiences as well.